Wilsden Parish Council Newsletter January 2021

Wilsden Parish Council Newsletter

January 2021

Wilsden Housing Development - Where are we now?

As residents will know, the parish council have been working on a Neighbourhood Plan for Wilsden. In brief, it is to allow the community to have some say in the development of Wilsden and Harecroft to 2038, subject to certain restrictions such as the number of homes to be built, which will be determined by Bradford.

Having a Neighbourhood Plan also gives the village a bigger share of the money that developers have to pay to support local infrastructure.

Wilsden's Neighbourhood Plan is virtually complete, all bar the chapter on housing, for the reasons explained below.

Bradford is currently in the process of revising its adopted plan because of changes made by the government to the way housing requirements are calculated. This affects its review of sites and the potential changes to the Green Belt, which is particularly important for Wilsden because there is only one brownfield site (previously developed land) within the parish – which is adjacent to the Doctor's Surgery and can accommodate 17 homes.

Under the current adopted Bradford Plan, 94 homes will be required and although this may change when the review is completed we anticipate it will be more than 17 homes. In this regard, Wilsden's Neighbourhood Plan is clear that any available brownfield must be used before any deletions are made in the Green Belt.

Two potential previously developed sites, the disused chicken factory in Harecroft and the Prospect Mill site, which has been submitted for residential redevelopment, might also be available but it is uncertain that the number of homes they might provide will count towards Wilsden's requirements as currently Bradford class development on land not designated for that purpose "windfall". The parish council is campaigning vigorously for these sites to be included in our total number.

In the current uncertainty our Neighbourhood Plan cannot be advanced although further work will be undertaken on producing a design code that will seek to influence the size, form and fabric of any new building.

Declaration of a Climate Emergency

Wilsden Parish Council, in line with 493 other councils in England, has declared a Climate Emergency. This means that, in Britain around 90 per cent of the population lives in areas where the local authorities have declared a Climate Emergency1. This is in response to the view of the United Nations that the world has to achieve zero carbon emission by 2030 in order to prevent catastrophic damage to the planet.

By declaring a Climate Emergency the Parish Council seeks to influence the debate on climate change in Wilsden and to take practical steps at the local level to reduce our carbon footprint.

To this end a 9 point action plan has been produced: this will be developed further by the Green Spaces Committee.

The actions taken by the Green Spaces Committee will be regularly reported back to the Parish Council and also to residents through the usual channels of communication.

Data from Climate Emergency, 27 December 2000 https://climateemergencydeclaration.org/climate-emergency-declarations-cover-15-million-citizens/

Actions that Wilsden Parish Council could take or are already involved with:

  1. Actively Support planning applications for renewable energy
  2. Encourage local authorities to develop greener policies, for example, better bus services
  3. Reduce pesticide use and other harmful activities.
  4. Manage green spaces to encourage wildlife. Already active here in developing the wild flower garden
  5. Planting more trees
  6. Minimise waste going to landfill. Already involved here with the Eco-brick project
  7. Designate sites in the Neighbourhood Plan for trees / renewable energy /nature restoration
  8. Use Neighbourhood Plan to encourage new homes to be energy efficient
  9. Support for low carbon vehicles on car parks (Village Hall / Village car park, eg free parking /provision of electric charging points

Precept rate for 2021-2022

The parish council is pleased to announce that there will be NO increase to the precept levied on council tax payers for the year 2021 - 2022. The rate will remain at £35.75 for tax band D.

New litter bins delivered and installed

On 13th October last year the parish council announced that Shipley Area Grants Advisory Group had offered to contribute £770 towards the cost of six additional litter bins, with the parish council contributing the remaining half of the total cost.

These have now been delivered and installed and the locations are as follows:

  • Bents Lane at the corner of Harden Lane
  • Lee Lane at the junction with Cross Lane
  • Shay Lane by the entrance to the cemetery
  • Harecroft
  • Windy Grove
  • Bowling green entrance to the park.

Turnpike stones

The parish council has acquired six large stones from Northern Powergrid working on Haworth Road by the Ling Bob. These stones carried the old Bluebell turnpike road across Wilsden Beck and have historical associations with the village. The stones are currently being stored at Bunton's yard to whom thanks are owed, also for their transportation.

The parish council are currently discussing how best they may be used and will be seeking ideas from residents as well as offering some of their own.

Maintenance of green spaces in Wilsden and Harecroft

As you will probably know, the parish council had been negotiating with Bradford for a couple of years over taking over responsibility for the management of the park, recreation field and other green spaces such as the cemetery and grass verges. Negotiations have been hampered by Covid-19 but it now seems likely that service level agreements will be in place for the start of the new growing season.

Seeking to improve village safety & security

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that a working group has been formed to examine a wide range of safety and security issues that are frequently raised by residents via direct communication, the Contact Point and Resident Facebook pages.

The scope of the working group covers;

  • Neighbourhood Watch promotion and expansion
  • Speed limits, road calming, flashing indicator signs and speeding motorists
  • Car thefts, house break-ins and protective measures
  • Road signage and its maintenance
  • Parking and obstruction
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Street Lighting, pathways and pedestrian safety

The intention is to amass the main areas of concern with examples and evidence. Where within our jurisdiction, the Parish Council will seek to handle them directly; where matters are criminal, it will need to liaise with the Police and where they are linked to highways, it will liaise with appropriate senior personnel within Bradford Council departments, linked to their areas of responsibility.

The parish council has recently been able to secure Police resources for speed checks and parking near to the primary school, resulting in several people being ticketed and many more warned. Further repeat visits are promised in an attempt to maintain habits.

It has also sourced funding that will enable Harecroft will be converted to a 20 mph zone later this year.

A combination of private and commercial CCTV systems now captures both sides of the Stone Bus Shelter and the War Memorial on Main Street in an attempt to reduce anti-social behaviour and facilitate prosecution where criminal acts are captured. More CCTV cameras are being considered and resident consultation will soon take place to check you are happy with their installation.

A lot of work is presently being carried out on how, with the aid of some technology and hi-vis signs and clothing, we may carry out our own roadside speed awareness campaigns – where errant motorists are contacted by the Police with suitable warnings. Where such campaigns are also attended by a police officer, tickets can also be issued, but this will be the exception unfortunately due to their limited resources. The parish council hopes to provide more information later this year.

As it is a Working Group, membership is not restricted to parish councillors; any interested resident can be co-opted to join it. Please contact the Clerk if you wish to be considered. More Neighbourhood Watch volunteers are being sought,; please contact the parish council if you can offer your services.

Clerk email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clerk mobile: 07384 713 156

Prospect Mill, Main Street, Wilsden

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