SURVEY ENDS MONDAY 25TH OCTOBER - Greener Travel for Bingley Rural

An exciting project is getting underway to encourage and enable more people to use climate-safe, community-friendly modes of travel, and reduce traffic and pollution, across the Bingley Rural area. The Green Travel Project is the first of its kind, bringing together local councils across the ward (Cullingworth, Denholme, Harden and Wilsden) and drawing on expert help from Sustrans and Mapping for Change, to explore local views and opportunities for improvements. The project is supported by Shipley Area Committee.

We will kick off with a series of 'roadshows' in September. Local volunteers, and officers from Sustrans, will engage residents and visitors in conversation about sustainable transport, exploring what might help more people to use walking, cycling and public transport, and leave the car for at least some journeys. This will be followed up with online mapping workshops to map out in more detail local barriers and concerns, and develop ideas for a greener, less polluted way forward.

We're keen to hear your views. Complete our survey at 

Bingley Rural Green Travel Project
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