Response to Bradford's Local Plan Consultation

Wilsden Parish Council's responses to Questions 140 and141 of theLocal Plan Consultation by CBMDC submitted 22nd March 2021


Summary: Wilsden Parish Council has commented on the source and scope of the data used to prepare the 5.27 local area strategy. We have also made a number of comments and corrections on the detail of 5.27.

We are very supportive of the principle of preparing a local area strategy for Wilsden. While we have no fundamental issues with the overall principles in document 5.27 we have made a number of detailed comments below. As is noted Wilsden Parish Council is in the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan and for this the designated area is for the whole parish council whereas the Local Insight statistics used in 5.27 are based statistics derived from 2011 Census for the Wilsden Settlement Boundary. Since 2011 there has been an increase of 182 dwellings within the whole parish council area and the vast majority of these are within the Wilsden Settlement Boundary. It is also the case that, although there are small groups of dwellings on the periphery of the parish council that do not automatically use Wilsden as their Local Service Centre, there are significant areas outside the Settlement Boundary who are committed to Wilsden as their Local Service Centre.

An example of the inconsistencies of boundary can be seen with Wilsden Hill which is outside the Settlement Boundary but within the Wilsden Conservation Area. Given the difficulties of precisely defining the boundary for those residents who use Wilsden as their Local Service Centre one solution would be to include both statistics from the Local Insight report along with data for the whole parish.

One of the challenges of the data in 5.27 is that it is too heavily weighted towards the Victorian terraced cottages that are the core of the village and less representative of the newer properties that are being built. This has resulted in the average house price quoted in a recently prepared Neighbourhood Plan Housing Needs report being £186,824 compared to £164,229 quoted by Local Insight. Based on this data for the whole parish the statement that the average house price is £18,965 below the sub-regional figures for all housing types is incorrect and in fact it is £3,630 above. The differences in this data could result in flawed conclusions on both affordability and housing need for Wilsden.

Looking at individual paragraphs we propose the following. In Fig 2 we would propose a change to include the whole of the Wilsden Autos site within the Local Centre. In addition to car showrooms there are two important retail businesses within the site, firstly Wilsden Animal Feeds and secondly a business selling reclaimed wood art.

The details of the K17 bus service quoted in 5.27.11 are incorrect. The K17 is a two hourly day time service from Keighley to Cullingworth via Wilsden.

As indicated in our response to Q141 there is an uncompleted approval for 12 houses at Manor House Road, Wilsden and it is unclear whether this should be included in the carried forward commitments. If not included in the carried forward commitments it will be put forward in the call for sites.

In Figure 5 Wilsden – Open Space Overview has marked the land between the Allotments and Main Street as a cemetery. This is incorrect. Within the draft Wilsden Neighbourhood Plan it is designated as a Local Green Space which we believe would be equivalent to Amenity Greenspace on Figure 5.

In 5.27.32 the secondary schools attended by the greatest majority of pupils are Parkside School and Bingley Grammar School.

There is a typographical error in 5.27.33 as the GP surgery is at Ling Bob Court.

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