Prospect Mill, Main Street, Wilsden

Planning Application 20/02606/MAO

Wilsden Parish Council would like to appraise Bradford Council Planning Department of a change in its position regarding the planning application submitted for a residential development at Prospect Mill, Main Street, Wilsden.

Wilsden Parish Council voted on 1st March 2021 to support the change of use to wholly residential given the increase in housing numbers that the parish is now required to take and the need to prioritise development of brownfield sites.

Our previous reasons for not supporting this outline application were threefold:

  1. The case for changing the use of this land from employment to residential was inadequately addressed in the application and required further justification.
  2. There were concerns over heritage, environmental and biodiversity issues that would need to be resolved.
  3. A preference was stated that the mill continues to offer an employment potential in Wilsden.

The parish council recognises that since our original submission in August 2020, the context of the use of the site has changed, This, in our view, would now justify the change of use to residential, superseding reason 1 above, and the Parish Council additionally withdraws its objection under reason 3.

We recognise that it is solely Bradford Council that can determine if there is sufficient justification for the change of use, but trust that the increased requirement for housing in Wilsden will be taken into account.

The reservations expressed about the heritage, environmental and biodiversity issues are still valid and would need to be resolved, along with issues raised by Highways, Drainage and Trees; therefore this particular application is now supported if conditions are attached in respect of these. We were disappointed that the applicant did not carry out pre-application consultation as recommended in Bradford's Homes and Neighbourhoods Design.

Response to Bradford's Local Plan Consultation
Wilsden Parish Council Newsletter January 2021

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