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Wilsden Parish Council has made significant increases in the services we deliver to the residents of Wilsden and Harecroft over recent years and as a result we have had substantially higher costs. This has meant that the amount we all pay to cover the Parish Council's costs has increased by £15.50 for the average house.

Over many years residents have told us that they wanted to see the green spaces in the village, and especially the Park, managed more effectively. In order to deliver this, we have taken over management from Bradford Council. Although Bradford Council have transferred the amount that they previously paid for managing green spaces to the parish council our costs have increased more because we are cutting the grass more frequently.

When we finally took over responsibility last year we were able to delay the increase in our council tax precept by using our reserves. Although we knew the increase was coming we felt it was important that we didn't increase our charges last year but we were only able to do this for one year.

The council is employing a new part-time village warden whose duties will include checking the Park and children's play equipment for faults and cleanliness, ensuring that litter is collected, bins are emptied and dog poo is removed. This will ensure that the Park remains welcoming for all users. The warden will also have other duties which include ensuring that other green spaces, such as the recreation field and cemetery, are kept free from litter.

Last year saw three very successful children's events held in the recreation field during the summer holiday. These will be repeated in 2022/23 in an expanded form.

When views were sought for the purchase of Bilberry Bank it was made clear that the purchase would inevitably mean a rise in the precept equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee, notwithstanding the incredible generosity of many residents. This has added£3 to the precept going forwards. The Purchase of Bilberry Bank is an investment for future generations of Wilsdeners.

The declaration of a climate emergency has also been taken on board by the Parish Council. This also looks to the future, initially through the planting of trees, one for each resident in Wilsden and Harecroft.

The council continues to financially support the village hall, the community post office and to make community grants available. It remains committed to actively seek to improve the village and its surroundings and believes that a precept of less than £1.00 per week offers residents good value for money.

David Overend, Chairman 

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