Balsam Bashing - Green Action

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native, invasive and highly successful plant which can fling its seeds over a wide area. It grows very fast and chokes out our own native flora, altering habitats. It is particularly prevalent along the banks of the beck and in Bilberry Banks wood.

Between now and the end of June is the best time to deal with this pesky invader.

If you notice Himalayan Balsam plants on your walks around our village, and you can safely reach it, please pull it out by the roots (easy to do) and break the stems. It can be left to rot down where it is found.

If inaccessible due to brambles, nettles etc, it is possible to swipe the pink flowers from the plants with a stick before they set seeds. Each plant is capable of producing up to 800 seeds!

Only a couple of years of balsam-bashing can make a big difference, so go on, take up the challenge..

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