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Covering the villages of Wilsden and Harecroft


“WAR WEAPONS EFFORT” – The “War Weapons” effort which is to be made next week at Wilsden, in connection with Bingley, has already made a start. The village of Wilsden is asked to contribute £6000 [Over £350,000 in 2018], which will be equal to two aeroplanes and one gun, and the weapons represented by this sum are to be named after the village of Wilsden. The Wilsden committee (Mrs. Marquis, the Rev. F.C. Rollin, and Mr. S.H. Rawnsley) are using all their efforts to make next week a success. On Thursday night, as a preliminary, the Morton Banks Hospital Band gave a concert in the cricket field, with a programme of instrumental and vocal music. Mr. John Downs, of Thornton, occupied the chair, and a collection taken at the gate amounted to £6 in aid of the band. The speakers during the concert were the Rev. F.C. Rollin, Mr. Norman Hackett (Bingley), Private Macmillan (Morton Banks Hospital), and the Chairman (Mr. Downs). Mr. Rollin, in the course of his speech, surprised the audience, which was very good, by remarking that already nearly £4000 has been promised towards next week’s effort.

  • Keighley News, 6th July 1918


26th June – The battle of Bellau Wood came to an end. It had started back on June 1st and was the first major engagement of the US Army on French soil. On 26th June the American Marine Brigade finally gained the wood. Three weeks before the Marines had refused to retreat in the face of overwhelming odds and had been reduced to fighting off the counter-attacking Germans with fists and bayonets – but their bravery and eventual gains had come at a high cost. Of the 10,000 men of the division, over 5,000 were wounded or killed. The war cemetery at the edge of Bellau Wood holds the graves of 2,288 American soldiers, and the names of a further 1,060 who have no known grave.

 Keighley News, 29th June 1918

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