About Wilsden and Harecroft

Wilsden is a mill village with a population of over 4,000 that is situated 6 miles west of Bradford, West Yorkshire. The village is of ancient origin that was mainly a farming community until the growth of the textile industry in the early 19th century. The village still retains many buildings from this period and the centre of Wilsden was made a Conservation Area in 1977. More information on the Conservation Area and the historic buildings in the parish is included.

Harecroft is smaller village west of Wilsden on the road towards Cullingworth. Wilsden Station was on the outskirts of Harecroft and although the railway closed in 1964 the course of the old track has been redeveloped as the Great Northern Railway Trail for walking, cycling and horse riding. More details can be found at www.bronte-country.com/great-northern-railway-trail.html
The parish council area also includes the small hamlet of Hallas Bridge and the spectacular Goit Stock waterfalls.

Wilsden is on a north facing slope with lowest point above sea level being 115 m (375 ft) at the boundary with Harden and the highest point being 270 m (885 ft) at the boundary with Thornton. The area includes many excellent walks, more details of which are given in special map published by Wilsden Village Society in 2004.

For more information on where we are, the history of the village and some of the historic buildings in the area please follow the links. We have also included a number of views of both the Wilsden and Harecroft area