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Covering the villages of Wilsden and Harecroft


A Modified Programme

The ninth annual charity carnival was held at Wilsden on Saturday last in the cricket field near the Parish Church, and the event was favoured again with suitable weather. The scale of the event was, however, much more modest than in previous years, and it was shorn of many of those features which in former years have contributed to make the gala so successful as it has been and one of the special occasions of the year in the district. This time the procession through the village street consisted only of the Daisy Hill Brass Band at the head, with a few troops of Boy Scouts and members of the St. John Ambulance Association from Bradford, the public representatives, competitors in the horse and vehicle classes and tableaux competitions all being missing on this occasion. The Boy Scouts, although about the same as last year, were a much smaller constituent of the procession than usual. The procession was marshalled at the Bingley end of the main street by the Rev. F.C. Rollin, Mr. J Bateman (Bradford), and Police-Constable Dunnett, and from Wilsden went forward to Harecroft, returning to the cricket field.

The programme carried out in the field was varied and attractive. First there was a fancy cricket match between ladies and gentlemen of the village, the ladies being captained by Miss M. Dolphin and the gentlemen by Mr. H. Atkinson. The match was won by the ladies, who scored 40 runs to their opponents’ 10. A team of lady gymnasts from Bradford, holders of the county championship, gave displays both afternoon and evening which were much appreciated by the onlookers, a special item being Indian club swinging by one of the members of the team. The were also two entertainments by a party styled “Dots and Dashes”, under the direction of Mr. J. Myers. In addition there were demonstrations of ambulance work by the members of the association from Bradford, and music was played by the Daisy Hill Band.

Although there were only two competitors on this occasion for the possession of the Lord Lascelles Challenge Shield for Boy Scouts – a great contrast to other years – a good deal of interest was taken in the work of the two troops competing – Windhill and Denholme. Windhill, who had thirteen members present, were under the command of Patrol-leader E. Dable, their former officer, Scoutmaster Anderson, having gone to the front. Denholme, with twenty-two members, were in the charge of scoutmaster L. Foster. The tests were the resuscitation of a person from drowning, signalling, and inspection, and the points gained by the competitors were: … Windhill a total of 92, Denholme a total of 88 points. The shield was therefore captured by the Windhill troop, and the Denholme troop took the second prize. … It may be noted that of the members of Windhill Scouts, 53 have joined the army since the commencement of the war.

The attendance of the public did not come up to the figures of previous years, though it is expected that the results financially will be satisfactory, the subscriptions being in excess of last year. The committee found it possible to provide light refreshments, and a feature of this provision was a thousand “currant” buns which disappeared exceedingly soon.                                                                                                               - Keighley News, 3rd August 1918