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Round About Bingley

A First Beginning with Rations

The week that is closing has seen a first beginning with rationing in the Bingley area – for butter and margarine and for meat. Whatever else it may mean the result will be equal opportunities for all, if the regulations are observed. Those who suffer will be those who have been fortunate enough to get good supplies, by whatever means it may have been possible, when other people lately have been getting little or nothing of certain articles unless they were prepared to spend hours standing in queues or in scouting around the various shopkeepers. Those who have done well hitherto will have to do with less, for undoubtedly the ration is less than many people have been able to get possession of. Indeed, it may almost safely be said that the ration is on the underside in the case of butter and margarine, taking into account all the supplies that have come into town up to quite a recent date. The Food Control Committee on Tuesday night fixed the ration for butter or margarine at 4oz. per head for the week, after having an estimate before them of the available supplies. For fresh meat the butchers have been notified to ration at 1/2lb. per head, this being roughly half the amount of meat sold per head in the district last October. In the matter of meat, as was pointed out last week, the district is penalised for a low normal consumption in October last, and many people must hope that there will be some revision of the Food Controller’s decision.

- Keighley News, 16th February 1918


Keighley News Archive (accessed via Bradford Libraries website)