A draft Plan was approved in January 2022 and is now undergoing some final regulatory checks before going to formal consultation.

folder A copy can be downloaded here

There are also a number of Supporting Evidence documents that can be accessed here.

We are making details of the contents available to be accessed through the map below. If you click on the Layers icon this shows a list of the individual maps, each of which are linked to key policy areas in the Plan. The following map layers are available –

The Green Spaces layer shows eight areas which will have special protection. More details here.

The Views and Vistas layer shows five important views and vistas that should be protected. More details here.

The Plan identifies 39 buildings and structures that are of local heritage interest but are not of sufficient importance to qualify for inclusion in the national list. These Locally Important Building and Structures are shown on the map. A map of the Wilsden Conservation Area is also included for comparison purposes. More details here.

The importance of retaining a strong local shopping centre in Wilsden is detailed in the Plan. The Wilsden Local Centre layer shows the existing area.

More details are given in detailed of supporting evidence documents and these can be accessed here.