In 2017 the draft Neighbourhood Plan was sufficiently developed for this process to take place.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan submitted for consultation can be downloaded here.

The formal consultation process was completed on July 26th 2017 and the Parish Council received more than 30 submissions from residents, developers and statutory consultees. The Work Group reviewed all the responses received in deciding what changes may be required in the draft Plan before moving to the next stage of developing the Plan. The Parish Council has agreed to publish the details of the consultation comments along with the response of the Work Group and these can be downloaded here.

Subsequent to the completion of this review of this consultation, changes to national planning policy indicated that there is the potential for a Neighbourhood Plan to have a greater influence on where housing developments could take place in the Green Belt. It was therefore decided to pursue this. This decision necessitated a repeat of the pre-submission consultation process.

Pre-Submission Document Downloads