In May 2021 Wilsden Parish Council took over responsibility for the areas that were previously managed by Bradford Council. The areas concerned are shown on the map below.  The green spaces that are managed by Incommunities remain in their control.

The reason that the parish council made this decision was that we wished to upgrade the way that the green spaces were managed. Over recent years because of the impact of austerity the cutting frequency has reduced and in 2015 the Parish Council, in conjunction with Friends of Wilsden Park, took over the flower beds in Wilsden Park and in 2020 we worked with Bradford to implement a major improvement to the Townfield Play Area.

In order to ensure that Wilsden council tax payers were not paying twice for the management of the green spaces in Wilsden the Parish Council receives a grant from Bradford Council based upon the amount they were spending when they were managing it directly.

The Parish Council will take a long term approach to improving the management of green spaces with an initial focus on the following.

  • The frequency of grass cutting in Wilsden Park has been more than doubled. We are also investigating ways to enhance the management of the Park.
  • The former St Matthews Churchyard on Laneside will be managed as a wildflower area.