Wilsden Parish Council, in line with over 500 other councils in England, has declared a Climate Emergency. This means that, in Britain around 90 per cent of the population lives in areas where the local authorities have declared a Climate Emergency1. This is in response to the view of the United Nations that the world has to achieve zero carbon emission by 2030 in order to prevent catastrophic damage to the planet.

By declaring a Climate Emergency the Parish Council seeks to influence the debate on climate change in Wilsden and to take practical steps at the local level to reduce our carbon footprint.

To this end a 9 point action plan has been produced: this will be developed further by the Green Spaces Committee.

The actions taken by the Green Spaces Committee will be regularly reported back to the Parish Council and also to residents through the usual channels of communication.

Data from Climate Emergency, 27 December 2000 https://climateemergencydeclaration.org/climate-emergency-declarations-cover-15-million-citizens/

Actions that Wilsden Parish Council could take or are already involved with:

  1. Actively Support planning applications for renewable energy
  2. Encourage local authorities to develop greener policies, for example, better bus services
  3. Reduce pesticide use and other harmful activities.
  4. Manage green spaces to encourage wildlife. Already active here in developing the wild flower garden
  5. Planting more trees. Already active in identifying sites for tree planting and we have established a target of planting 5,000 trees by 2025.
  6. Minimise waste going to landfill. Already involved here with the Eco-brick project
  7. Designate sites in the Neighbourhood Plan for trees / renewable energy /nature restoration
  8. Use Neighbourhood Plan to encourage new homes to be energy efficient
  9. Support for low carbon vehicles on car parks (Village Hall / Village car park, eg free parking /provision of electric charging points