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Covering the villages of Wilsden and Harecroft

Getting to a cinema can be difficult in a village that is some distance from the nearest town, particularly for those without transport, and cost of tickets is also a barrier for some. The Wilsden Entertainments Society, a new group under the umbrella of the Wilsden Village Hall Management Committee, are looking into the possibility of starting a community cinema to show regular screenings of films at the village hall, with a focus on a fun, social experience within the community, affordability and ease of access. This ties in with their mission statement, which emphasises their commitment to tackling isolation and encouraging community spirit in Wilsden.

We would like to know if this is something the village would want and use. The group would be very grateful if you could spare a minute to fill in the online form on the Wilsden Village Hall website and give them your views. This can be found at the following linkhttp://www.wilsdenvillagehall.co.uk/wilsden-entertainments-society/community-cinema-questionnaire/

Paper forms will also be available from the hall in the near future.

For information on the future of this project and other entertainments and events, please check the village hall website's new section or sign up their e-newsletter.

40 Candles

On Monday 6th July, Wilsden Village Hall Management Committee announced a new fundraising drive the
40 Candles Birthday Appeal, in the run up to the building's 40th anniversary on 19th June next year.The appeal was launched on a key date for the hall, 40 years to the day since the foundation stone was laid by the people of Wilsden.

The appeal aims to raise £500 for every year of the hall's life - £20,000 in total - to completely refurbish the ageing building, making it a brighter, pleasanter place for the more than 30 groups who use it on a weekly basis. These include the nursery, uniformed groups, dance and fitness classes, community library, walkers, art group and many more.

“Wilsden Village Hall is a brilliant venue and we are lucky to have it,” said Lisa Firth, one of the hall’s board of trustees. “It is genuinely the heart of the village and its loss would leave a massive hole in our community. As a not-for-profit, self-funding charity, it relies on a combination of user fees and fundraising to cover its substantial costs. I’d like to urge everyone in the village to get behind the 40 Candles Birthday Appeal to help make the hall better for all its users, and to secure its survival.

“The hall is held in trust for the people of Wilsden - it belongs to all of us and we all have a stake in its future. Together we can reach our target!”

Shipley constituency MP Philip Davies has also spoken in support of the appeal. “Wilsden Village Hall plays a vital role in the local community,” he says. “I hope everyone will get behind the 40 Candles Birthday Appeal to ensure the village hall gets the investment it needs to serve the community for the next 40 years.”

The management committee are asking villagers and hall user groups to support the appeal by organising a fundraiser, joining the newly launched Friends of WVH scheme or making a personal donation. Two resources have been developed to help groups organise fundraisers for the hall, which are available to download free on the Wilsden Village Hall website: the 40 Candles Appeal Fundraising Pack and the 40 Candles Challenge Pack, a challenge resource for youth and uniformed groups which allows them to earn a badge.

If you would like to support the appeal, you can do so by texting WVHC40 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.

More information on the appeal is available on our website at wilsdenvillagehall.co.uk/40candles




Environment – Councillor Callaghan

Walling – Councillor Caunt

Car Scheme – Councillor Allison

Contact Point – Councillor McNamara

Speedwatch – Councillor Graham

Planning – Councillor Caunt

Councillor to check bank reconciliations – Councillor Callaghan


Sub Committee/Working Groups:

Internal Audit – Councillors Callaghan, Ketley,Overend and Dufton

Management and Strategic Policy – Councillors Allison, Ketley, McNamara and Caunt

Neighbourhood Planning Working Group – Councillors Dufton, Allison, Graham, Ketley, Callaghan, Caunt Overend and McNamara

Website Review Working Group – Councillors Allison, Ketley, Callaghan and Caunt


Outside Bodies:

Parish Council Liaison – Councillor Allison

Police Tasking – Councillors McNamara and Graham

Shipley Area Committee – Councillors Dufton and Caunt

YLCA South Pennine Branch – Councillors Allison and Overend

Friends of Wilsden Park – Councillors Callaghan and Allison

Bradford Local Access Forum – Councillor Callaghan

Wilsden Village Hall – Councillors Dufton and McNamara