Getting to a cinema can be difficult in a village that is some distance from the nearest town, particularly for those without transport, and cost of tickets is also a barrier for some. The Wilsden Entertainments Society, a new group under the umbrella of the Wilsden Village Hall Management Committee, are looking into the possibility of starting a community cinema to show regular screenings of films at the village hall, with a focus on a fun, social experience within the community, affordability and ease of access. This ties in with their mission statement, which emphasises their commitment to tackling isolation and encouraging community spirit in Wilsden.

We would like to know if this is something the village would want and use. The group would be very grateful if you could spare a minute to fill in the online form on the Wilsden Village Hall website and give them your views. This can be found at the following link

Paper forms will also be available from the hall in the near future.

For information on the future of this project and other entertainments and events, please check the village hall website's new section or sign up their e-newsletter.