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Covering the villages of Wilsden and Harecroft




Environment – Councillor Callaghan

Walling – Councillor Caunt

Car Scheme – Councillor Allison

Contact Point – Councillor McNamara

Speedwatch – Councillor Graham

Planning – Councillor Caunt

Councillor to check bank reconciliations – Councillor Callaghan


Sub Committee/Working Groups:

Internal Audit – Councillors Callaghan, Ketley,Overend and Dufton

Management and Strategic Policy – Councillors Allison, Ketley, McNamara and Caunt

Neighbourhood Planning Working Group – Councillors Dufton, Allison, Graham, Ketley, Callaghan, Caunt Overend and McNamara

Website Review Working Group – Councillors Allison, Ketley, Callaghan and Caunt


Outside Bodies:

Parish Council Liaison – Councillor Allison

Police Tasking – Councillors McNamara and Graham

Shipley Area Committee – Councillors Dufton and Caunt

YLCA South Pennine Branch – Councillors Allison and Overend

Friends of Wilsden Park – Councillors Callaghan and Allison

Bradford Local Access Forum – Councillor Callaghan

Wilsden Village Hall – Councillors Dufton and McNamara