What the Parish Council Does

The Parish Council is a legally constituted local authority established under a Parliamentary Order and although it has relatively few specific responsibilities it has considerable powers to influence decisions by other councils. There is also a legal requirement that the Parish Council must be consulted by national and local government on a number of issues.

Planning - the Council must be consulted about all planning applications in our area.
Allotments - the Council has taken over ownership of the allotments in Wilsden although they continue to be managed by Wilsden Garden Association.
Environmental Improvements - the Council initiates specific projects to improve the environment within Wilsden and Harecroft.
Community Safety issues - the Council is always looking to ways we can improve community safety and works with the Police on a number of specific projects.
Finance - the Council is funded by a small additional charge on the Council Tax called a precept.

Dates of meetings are given in the MEETINGS section & holds a copy of the minutes and agendas for all previous meetings. The agenda for the next meeting will be available at least three clear days before the meeting.


The parish council has a fund for grants for local community groups in the villages of Wilsden and Harecroft.

Funds permitting, groups can apply for a grant to help with their work. Recent examples of grants awarded are:

  1. A grant to the Friends of Wilsden park to buy trough liners for planters at Wilsden Park
  2. Wilsden Gala Committee received a grant to purchase a gas fired BBQ and gazebo

Please get in touch with the Clerk, on 07384 713156 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the grant application form or for general advice about grants.

Please note, if you are a small group looking for funds of up to £50, please get in touch with the Clerk as the grant scheme will not apply to your group.