Volunteer Car Scheme

The Wilsden Parish Council volunteer car scheme has been established to provide transport for people who do not have ready access to their own transport and where public transport is unavailable or unsuitable.  It is primarily directed towards providing access to the Wilsden and Cullingworth Medical Centres along with visits to hospital.  Transport is also provided to local village shops, hairdressers and dentists along with the Wilsden Luncheon Club and to the Thursday Afternoon Group, both which meet at Wilsden Village Hall.

In addition to Wilsden and Harecroft the schemes covers all the rural areas south of Bingley including Harden, Cullingworth and parts of Denholme.

The day to day operation of the scheme is provided by Margaret Harrison, the scheme coordinator, who is responsible for receiving calls from potential users and identifying a driver who is willing and able to provide the required transport.  She can be contacted on 01535 272305.
In a typical week drivers will undertake more than 30 trips mainly within the villages and the scheme is always looking for more volunteer drivers.  More details of what is involved are given below.

Volunteer Drivers

Although we have a number of dedicated volunteer drivers more are always needed as the number people using the scheme is increasing.  Whether you can be available on a regular basis or just do an occasional trip all help is appreciated.

The users will reimburse you for the use of your vehicle by paying a mileage allowance plus any expenses such as car park costs all that is asked is that you give your time.  The main qualification for volunteer drivers is a full driving licence and fully comprehensive insurance although we do ask you to register with your personal details.  If you are interested in more details please call Margaret Harrison on 01535 272305.