New plans are under development

This involves volunteers being trained to use a handheld speed camera and then to go out with a PCSO to monitor traffic speeds at key points in the village. The main objective is to encourage drivers to slow down and the owners of vehicles that are exceeding the speed limit receive a warning letter from the Police rather than a fine, although repeat offenders are recorded and are more likely to receive the maximum fine if caught by either a fixed camera or a Police speed check.

We try to hold at least one SpeedWatch session a month, usually on the 30 mph sections of the main roads through the village such as Haworth Road, Laneside, Harden Lane and Main Street. Sessions are usually for two hours, at various times of the day and it is common to record more than 60 vehicles exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 mph.

In addition to sending out warning letters the Police use this data to identify the major problem areas when deciding where to site official speed cameras.